Alda / The Wright Valley Trio / Sarkh

Alda / The Wright Valley Trio / Sarkh
Dienstag | 17. April 2018 | 20:00 Uhr


atmospheric black metal

„Born among the thick, gloom-laden forests of the US’s Pacific Northwest, Alda began cultivating their sound of maddeningly dense, suffocating banks of black metal fog and moody folk riffs with the release of their LP Tahoma on sickmangettingsick.records. Since then, they’ve continued to prove themselves to be one of the lords of Cascadian Black Metal—avoiding the self-indulgent noodling and tired songwriting that often plagues the genre. Settle in, because you’re in for a long journey through remote mountain regions where bitter cold consumes all who escape the vast evergreen labyrinth below.“

The Wright Valley Trio

„The Wright Valley Trio is a band from Mainz/Wiesbaden (Germany) and was formed in 2014 by musicians that were writing and playing music together for a couple of years in other projects. It can be described as a mix of doom metal, post-rock, and experimental music.“

instrumental black metal

Sarkh is an instrumental Black Metal band from Westerwald/Weilburg. With members of HESSAJA.

We will also offer some vegan food for donation.